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New York -Stuart Weitzman Boots brand new online store today officially opened to coincide with the brand area of ​​e-commerce strategy in China to meet the Chinese fashion people of different ages increasingly strong demand for footwear brand. Work Boots Online store brand marks an important step in the global retail business development strategy, to showcase the brand in Asia Pacific Ms. prestigious luxury style.

The new Chinese version of online store ( available in both Chinese and English versions, so that customers buy different styles, style, color, size, width and height of the heel of the Asian version of the shoes, Stuart Weitzman comfortable fully show sexy the design of. Online store only accepts payment in, and offers free delivery and returns service.

Stuart Weitzman, CEO Wayne Kulkin expressed: "Stuart Weitzman online store with style stores worldwide, bringing the same online shopping experience to our customers not only the creation of the perfect shoes, but also to allow them to purchase products anytime, anywhere. and as proud of it. We understand the customer's time is precious, no matter what her shopping preferences, Stuart Weitzman Boots also able to provide quality products, to create a memorable shopping experience. "

Chinese version of the online store to follow the United States, Europe, Hong Kong and Canada version online shop creative techniques, bring a fresh online shopping experience. Online store will showcase its autumn Stills and advertising by the surgeon Mario Testino photographed and presented the latest trends and hot season styles, reflecting the brand of charisma. Online stores also added a number of advanced technologies, including single-page checkout feature and easy to use browser interface, so that customers enjoy shopping.

Chinese version of the online store Stuart Weitzman is an important part of Asia-Pacific e-commerce business development plan, the company was launched last year, Hong Kong Edition online store (, Hong Kong,Stuart Weitzman 5050 Macau, Singapore, Work Boots Online and South Korea's customer service. The new online store will use digital technology and social networking sites to expand and enrich the brand experience and drive sales growth.


And footwear bond

Stuart Weitzman is a global leader in advanced footwear brand, has 58 stores throughout the United States and Europe. Brand also by the United States, Canada, Europe, and Hong Kong's overseas franchise stores, shop in shop overseas, senior retail stores, specialty stores and online stores, the shoes and accessories are sold in over 70 countries and cities.

Brand is committed to create the perfect footwear, Stuart Weitzman 5050 founder and designer Stuart Weitzman hopes to combine fashion and function, creating pleasing and comfortable design, accompanied by Ms. greet the day at different times.

Stuart Weitzman Holdings, LLC of Coach, Inc.'s member companies.

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